Awesome Review of The Cellar Launch Project from Hammer Records.

Awesome Review of The Cellar Launch Project from Hammer Records.

Now touching back to the comment I made earlier about “a fairly blues rock crowd.” While Pop-Punk may be tough to get them excited, throw some hardrock-metal on the stage and apparently they go NUTS! Crankshaft started off their set with an epic build up and then launched right into the riff driven rock tunes that is the meat and potatoes of their sound. It took just a couple songs for them to have a large crowd around the front of the stage listening intently.

“..It only took a couple more songs before most of that crowd was bobbing their heads to the bombastic beats from the drummer (Taylor Sukert)..”

“..Horns were raised to the shredding lead guitar player as he burned through lick after lick for his solos (Geoff Way)..”

“..Everyone felt the bass reverberate through their bones, filling out the bottom end (Chris Drinkwater).. ”

“..Topping everything off was the crunch rhythym playing and the ‘Breaking Benjamin’ style vocals. Perfect hard rock vocals…” (Shane Jolie)

“…By the end of their set there was a full on mosh pit at the Cellar. Which is something I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed before!” – Hammer Records.



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