CRANKSHAFT is a high octane rock band from Vancouver, Canada. With a huge metal and grunge influence, CRANKSHAFT has blended melody, dynamics, and talent, with raw, un-waivered power
CRANKSHAFT’s core is heavily influenced by 90′s metal and Grunge. We pride ourselves on writing a hybrid of raw, in your face, emotionally powerful riffs that are simple but effective, and most of all HEAVY. But what sets us apart is we present it in a way that’s vibrant and fun, not a driving force of negativity just unbridled emotion. The riffs are designed to get your blood pumping, and the vocals are designed to help fuel that, traditionally our style of music would warrant a lot of screaming, but we write very melodic choruses that are catchy and easy to sing to. We do throw in some screams to please ourselves and the masses to stay true to our roots, but our music is created to make the listening experience an escape into the song. Live performances are a full bodied experience, we want you to leave throttled, completely absorbed into the experience that was CRANKSHAFT.


Since Shane Jolie (lead singer – rhythm guitar) moved to Vancouver he’s been hard at work, putting together a Hard Rock group that could get people excited about music again. After a few line-up changes Crankshaft finally put together a fantastic group of musicians and defined their sound with the likes of their first, self-released album “HFR”.

Crankshaft has released an 8 song LP titled HFR, and its first single is ‘Shit For Brains’. The album was recorded at EarArt Studios, under Clayton Creed Productions and will be available for sale THIS FALL! Crankshaft – HFR is available now for digital download, check the PURCHASE ALBUM page.


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